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Graduation Race Night

Updated by dad

Finally graduation night was upon us.  How would Jack do?  In his final practice he broke the elusive 40s barrier.  He wanted to win a trophy and now the race is on.

Note. The session was thwarted by repeat kart failures and system failures.  To this end Jack is invited back to the next graduation event free of charge.

  • Heat 1 Started 4th and finished 3rd
  • Heat 2 Started 4th and finished 3rd, after climbing up to second place with some great overtakes Jack lost second place at the restart after a stoppage due to a kart failure
  • Heat 3 Started 2nd and finished 4th, Jack went for the overtake for the lead but got squeezed to the barrier and was spun out.  After dropping to 5th he caught back up and climbed to 4th and set the fastest lap of the race
  • Heat 4 Started 1st and finished 2nd, Jack held the lead up to the red flag due to another kart failure.  When the red flag was thrown Jack was overtaken under the red, the position was not given back but Jack held on to come home in a solid 2nd place

    Jack didn’t make the final 8 but did lose a large number of points due to stoppages for other kart failures.  No full listing of results was provided to know exactly what difference this would have made.

    Overall as you can see Jack did a large number of great overtakes and defended and raced brilliantly for his first race meeting.  He was also presented with his graduation certificate, medal and race license.  

    The question now is, what’s next… Watch this space.


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