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Iron Man Race Night – Basingstoke


On Sunday it was me, James and Tom. I went out second and Tom went out first and James went out third. I let James past and he was trying to over take Tom. I then started to go really slow to find some space. After I had done that I went really fast again and set a 39.873 which is my fastest time on reverse track. But better than that it put pole for the race! James was second and Tom was third.



I got of to an awesome start and held the lead for quite a few laps. Then I came round the last corner and slid however I got going again and still in first place. After a few more laps I make the same mistake. This time James over takes me which put me into second place. Then coming round the first corner Tom bumps me out the way and gets past. That then put me into last place ( third ). I then go round the outside on the last corner and over take  Tom and then he spun me into the barrier. A marshal said to go so I did. A yellow  light was put out so I could catch Tom back  up.  I could then not get past him again. The chequered flag came out. 


In first place was James.

In second place was Tom.

In third place was me.

We all got trophies and I got a bronze.


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